Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Test before we go

Hey everybody, today is on of our last and most important tests until we move to Roswell NM for the first manned launch from 65 000 feet (18 km)!!! At the moment I am waiting until the team is ready to run the test program! 
Stay tuned I will post some pics later


  1. Felix:

    I predict that on the 65th Anniversary of Chuck Yeager's X-1, Sound Barrier breaking flight, you too will break the BARRIER. And, you will land successfully, drop to your knees & raise your arms in TRIUMPH!

    But, seriously... :)

    I watched it LIVE + recorded it, too. VERY INSPIRING. I won't be jumping out a capsule in the stratosphere anytime soon, BUT I WILL follow your example, when it comes to setting a goal:

    Careful planning; working up to it gradually; learning every step of the way...until FINALLY, the "I" and "M" fall away from the word...



    Nova Scotia


    Joe were the PERFECT coach. Only you would know exactly what Felix was feeling at any given moment. And, only you would know exactly when Felix needed a little encouragement.

    Attaboy, indeed!!!!

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