Friday, February 24, 2012

Done with testing!!

What a successful day! After an intense test program we are finally done with ground preparation.
Egrass training, emergency procedure, blind cockpit checks, boldface items - in case the capsule is on fire and the list goes on and on. I am so tired- but happy.
So folks, the next time "this is for real"
Soon the whole team will move to Roswell NM for the first manned launch up to 65.000 feet or 18 kilometers. That test will give us a lot of valid information to make sure we know exactly what to expect on the BIG ONE!!!
Here is a little inside view! Please understand that we have to save the mind-blowing pictures for later ;)
have fun
Felix, tired as hell!!

Waiting for the test run

medical check by Andy Walshe

computer analysis
my cockpit...I just love these buttons

captain Kirk's seat...beam us up Scotty
testing the cameras

 Cpt. Joe Kittinger - still a hell of a character