Thursday, October 22, 2009

BBC filming in London

...London is always a good place to hang out...especially when you have the BBC as your partner! Two days of intense shooting on green screen to make sure the audience will understand what Red Bull Stratos is all about. But as always my trip is in and out and that means no sightseing at all... I hate when that happens!!

Klaus my Manager is always with me on travelling. 8 am at hangar 7, ready to take off

just before touchdown at London Heathrow two hours later

Heide Cohu the RB communication manager is always fired up when we see each other!

...preparing for two days of filming at the Black Island studios

The producer Collin is giving me instructions how to act on the upcoming scene

... foot is always important....

... and also to drink

... two days later back at the airport! check out that sunset...

this is felix baumgartner... stand by!!

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