Monday, February 20, 2012

Test Jumps at TAFT

What a successful day! We just did some serious test jumps at Taft Drop Zone. Full battle gear...high up in the sky! It turned out really good!
My friend and free fall camera man Luke Aikens did some amazing shots...but HELL- we can't release them right now....but soon!!!

Love Felix


  1. Felix your looking ready. May the cosmos be good to you. May your gear be there for you. Sending you good vibes from St. Louis Missouri USA at the Moonrise Hotel owned by Apollo 11 (1969) Astronaught Joe Edwards while on tour with Janes Addiction. Our Documentary Cameramans last name is Baumgartner, not blood related, but gets asked about you alot. We visited about you today when we met. This evening was our first load in of the tour. Just finished up and the first thing i see after getting back to the hotel is you preparing. Pretty awesome day. Thanks for the entertainment. ------May the Force be With You Felix----- ........We are watching you....... some of us envy, all of us in awe......Yall stay Sharp! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brother, long time no see, hope we can meet soon, before the real jump. great photos, keep up the perfect work.
    Tiago Higgs