Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flying helicopter

After finishing all my interviews it is time to relax! I took a jet ranger and my girlfriend nici for a ride! 10.000 feet up to the mountains! Check it out

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


... Before I am heading back to Austria We gonna shoot some pictures for my new autograph cards. Sven Hoffman is the photographer

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work out

....done 4today! Now another hour in the gym and! My suit specialist Mike Todt has his ??? Birthday

Red Bull Stratos VIDEO Clip #2

This is a short clip about USAF Col. Joe Kittinger and me. It shows our relationship and passion for Red Bull Stratos...check it out!!

Live on TV in Australia on the "good morning sunrise" show in Australia.
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Massive Media

Just one day after launching Red Bull Stratos, Media is getting crazy!! I like it :)

..and our Red Bull Stratos website collapsed! Over one million people where trying to watch that site!! It was the 28th most searched website on google yesterday!!

... Talking to the media again and again...!

Friday, January 22, 2010


just a couple hours later we have already 352,000 search results for "felix baumgartner braking the speed of sound"!!!!!!

Foot and more

finally I've got something to eat!!!


Done for the Day

3 pm! media has left, Joe went back to the airport and I am done as well. what a great day...

Retired USAF Cpt. Josef Kittinger

Joe did a great job on the whole Satelite Tour

On Air

Media Satelite Tour

...spent 4! hours talking to the whole world about the upcoming project! exhausting but fun

RB Stratos Media Launch

8:30 am, arriving at the Venue. getting excited....

Rockafeller Center NBC Studios VIDEO Clip #1

Watch the VIDEO CLIP of USAF Col. Joe Kittinger and Extremskydiver Felix Baumgartner at the NBC "Morning Show" in NYC


Limo Service

at least we travel like Rock Stars to the Venue

Today is the day

Getting up at 5 am and prepare for the NBC morning show...damned I am so tired!!

Just arrived in NYC

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heading to New York

Just checking if my blog works!?
Getting ready to leave AUSTRIA! In 9 hours I am gonna see the whole Stratos team again! going to bed now....see ya!!