Monday, August 29, 2011

Hell of a weekend

You all know that I am a helicopter pilot and that means I have to take every chance to improof my skills. Best way to do that? Join the world famous "Raumsau Airpower" hosted by the Gamsjaga! Shuttle flights all day long, droping Wing suit flyers and a lot of other things too:) Together with Gerorg, Herbert, Horst, Bert and his son Walter we nailed it and everybody had fun!

Preping the cameras for the wing suit guy's...

Dachstein south wall! Georg was the man of the day. Incredible skills and interesting to watch!

Almost done! From dusk till dawn

Wraping everything up and prepare for party!

Haha check this out. At Georg mum's house in the shower. Is that an UFO:)

Tonight's gonna be a good night.... Thanx to all the guy's from Heli Austria and of course the Gamsjaga's. Dial me in for next year-please!!!