Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Biker Mania- Part two Nightlife

... Okay back again. I have to be on stage in 5 minutes to hand over a Harley that somebody won!

...together with the female star from the movie "Easy Rider 2"
Sherry from LA

...and thats the lucky winner- congratulation!!

...a couple Wodka Red Bull later I ended up in a GoGo bar! What the hell- no idea how that happend:)

... The day after tomorrow...

... looks like "Zombie Land" to me!!!?

I had to go back to my hometown Salzburg at 5 30 in the morning..

...what a sunrise

...again I wanna say thanx to Flo, Tom, Toni and Urs for having a great time!!- I really had a great time!

I will be back!!