Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chamber test at Beale Airforce BASE

Early morning call at 7 am at the hotel in Yuba City...I am not a morning person.

Classroom for 2 hours. Deputy Commander, Tom Bowen, is telling me everything about hypoxia, suit technology and physiology

Getting dressed for pre-breathing

Leak-check on the suit and the helmet

Now I have to pre-breath for almost an hour to get rid of the nitrogen in my system

...paperwork like pretty much everywhere in the world of aviation

Last check at the pressure chamber before we are going up to a 130 thousand feet!!

The team of course controls everything from the outside.

...and the film crew is watching it.

I also took the chance to capture one moment from inside the chamber

...mission completed! Everybody was happy and we learned a lot today. Trust me, my body was telling me that humans were not made to be at 130,000 feet. It hurts and I really had to tough it out! But it will get better every time we go back into that chamber.

This is Felix Baumgartner, stand by...

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